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I’m tryina keep my mouth shut, but I just can’t……

Posted by Admin Posted on Mar 12 2020

I’m tryina keep my mouth shut, but I just can’t……


My head hurts, my eyes are tired, I’m a little stiff from sitting at my desk working longer days, and longer weeks during the height of busy season.

Meanwhile, all I see, hear,read about AND even thinking about is this fricken dam virus…..  


Schools closing, large events being cancelled or cut back, colleges resorting to online instead of in person classes, NCAA Tournament games are being played with essential staff & attendance only....

What’s next, are they gonna cancel St. Patrick’s Day Parade?  Oh, wait, they already did.


Now it’s Coladonato CPA’s turn to chime in with a  COVID-19 announcement of our own, because I want a piece of the action:


Below are the 14 steps that Coladonato CPA is taking to help keep our employees, clients and friends safe from this Coronavirus virus:


  1. Wash hands (not for 2 seconds, but at least 10-30 seconds with warm soapy water).
  2. Wash hands again
  3. Dry said hands / and throw out the paper towel.  Or if using a cloth towel, make sure it’s hung up to dry and not just smolder in dampness
  4. Wash face a few times per day.  Follow steps 1 through 4 for your face
  5. If you sneeze, go back to steps 1 through 4
  6. If you cough, go back to steps 1 thorugh 4
  7. If you spend a lot of time around many people, out in public, in your office, or wherever…. then go back to steps 1 through 4 a few more times.
  8. If you’re feeling sick, have trouble breathing / shortness of breath, sore throat, feeling like a cold is coming on – stay home and stay out of circulation, AND call your doctor.
  9. When you enter a room, exit a room, or just randomly throughout the day sitting in a room – use Lysol, Clorox or similar wipes to wipe down door knobs, light switches, phones, etc.
  10. If you haven’t done anything, go back through steps 1 thoruh 4, then continue on to steps 5 through 9.
  11. Do this again.
  12. And again.
  13. Be careful as to not shake, kiss, hug, or roll around with too many people.  If you do…. Go back to steps 1 thorugh 4.
  14. Don’t go out and buy 100 rolls of toilet paper, food, gallons and gallons of water, milk and eggs.


Hey, I’m not knocking what’s going on out there to be careful – but let’s face it, the media is creating havoc and making things worse with their bliz of insanity. 

Think of the past few years when schools closed / and how many alerts & notifications we’ve received via phone, text, email because it’s…. SUPPOSED to snow.  Not because it already snowed, but because it’s “supposed” to snow, and only to find that it didn’t even snow…..

As a result of our media frenzy - society is going crazy and being OVERLY cautious.

I guess it’s better than the alternative, ignoring and minimizing the information available while having a virus running more rampant than it already has spread.


Anyhow - just be smart, clean and extra cautious.  But for GOD’s sake… don’t let this stop you from living your daily lives.  Now go out & do whatcha gotta do.

Sorry, I just had to rip the masking tape off my mouth…… 

Need Some Extra Money...

Posted by Admin Posted on Mar 12 2020

PA has an “Unclaimed Property” law that came into effect a long time ago that requires companies that have old, stale dated uncashed checks or credit memos, etc. to be reported and submitted to the state, so the recipient of those funds has a place to come back in the future to claim them. When this first was rolled out many manymoons ago, I checked it out and found a $100 or so that was owed to me from Peco for an overpaid refund that was due to me from a rental prop we used to own. Are you gonna hit the jackpot? Highly unlikely, but you never know, a few extra bucks never hurts. Check out the website and do your own little search:

Protect Yourself from Scams of All Sorts

Posted by Admin Posted on Mar 12 2020

This is the time of year when those pesky scumbag money hungry cockroaches come out to play their wicked games and try prey on those who may be susceptible to being duped. Elderly, foreigners who speak little English, or others who are too trusting of others are prime candidates. I recently got this email from the Social Security Administration about being careful if you receive a suspicious phone call…. As a general rule: Don’t ever give your social security number to ANYONE, regardless of where they say they are from. Never! If you get a call that seems a bit odd, chances are, it is a scam. And if the caller asks you for information to “confirm your information” or “for verification purposes”, such as your social security number, your credit card account number because they are from your bank / credit card company”, etc., DO NOT EVER give them any information at all. Not your name, not your address, not any account numbers, and most definitely do NOT give your social security number to ANYONE over the phone. Instead, do what we’ve become accustomed to doing in our house, and respond with…. “You called me, so you tell me my social security (or account, credit card, etc.) number”….

Always, keep in mind that government agencies such as the IRS, Social Security Administration or other State Tax Departments will NOT call you because you owe back taxes, or to tell you there’s a problem, etc.

And lastly, please please tell your parents, friends and relatives to beware of the same!!!

Rich People Should Pay More Tax....

Posted by Admin Posted on Feb 13 2019

Claim about taxing the rich / those with incomes over $10M by 70%..... Well, let’s face it – who can’t make a decent living off of earning $10M or more? Then again, how many of us know anyone who’s making more than $10M a year??? Anyone? Anyhow – here’s my take on this crap. First off – I get where she’s coming from…. especially someone who originally claimed that she can’t afford to live & pay DC rents. Trust me, I know what she’s talking about. HOWEVER – the notion that “the rich don’t pay enough tax” is absurd. Typically, when in a conversation with someone who says this to me… I immediately respond with…. “Really? You don’t think rich people pay a lot of taxes?” Usually, it takes them off guard. Then I follow up with…. “What do you consider a rich person?”.

Generally, I’ll get a few “Uhh…. I dunno, people making a lot of money, maybe $1M a year, or so”. Then I ask…. “Have you seen or worked on tax returns for anyone making a mill?”. That usually shuts them up.

Back to Ocasio-Cortez’s plan….. Ok, really, 70% tax? C’mon – she doesn’t realize that the person making this much $$ has already paid 40% tax between Fed, state, local taxes / let’s not forget there’s NO tuition credits, child credits, or credits for anything basically. So, let’s get off the high horse and speak with some common sense…...

Facebook Post / Shared Article from CPA Practice Advisor regarding employee handbook

Posted by Admin Posted on Feb 13 2019

Found this interesting, in that many small business owners think they're just "too small" to have an employee handbook. "Eh, we don't need an official handbook".... Frankly, no matter how small or how large - you should have some form of handbook / or guidelines for workers. For the 1, 3, 5 or so employee smaller businesses - an employee "handbook" could be as simple as a 1 or 2 page handout. No need to make a big deal about it / just need to cover some important items so it's "in the handbook", and policies are set.

11 Things To Include In Employee Handbooks