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February 1 2021

Hello Everyone!!!  You may recall my last pre-tax season letter that something like this:

"Well, another year AND a new decade.  Congratulations, you have now entered 2020!!  As always Coladonato CPA THANKS YOU for your continued confidence in choosing us for your tax and accounting needs!  We wish you and your family good health, success and tons of happiness for 2020!!"

I'll spare you the nonsense and just get into it:  CONGRATULATIONS!!! You made it through the most bizarre year the USA (and the world) has ever seen.  Let's not dwell on the past, but instead, I would like to forge ahead and work 

Enclosed  are the following items:

  1. Tax Engagement Letter which needs to be signed on page 2, and respond to ALL questions (re: Gov't Stimulus Payments received, Foreign currency, Virtual Currency & PA USe tax due). Kindly return it to us with your tax documents.
  2. "Quick Tax Checklist" which is a shortened tax organizer to help you gather your info. If you prefer using a full detailed tax organizer, simply call us at (610) 407-4571 and we'll send one to you.


Some Info. & Tax Changes:  As we all witnessed the frenzy of Covid-19 and what it meant for business owners AND individuals, our Government did all they could (for the most part) to help people survive.  Namely, the SBA & other loans and grants to businesses, as well as the PPP (payroll protection program) funding that was available for qualified businesses.  I AM the biggest critic of Government and how they operate.  I must say that during this massive hysteria, fear or health & financial disaster, and critical time of need – I was very impressed with the handling of getting billions of dollars out to citizens (via unemployment claims, business funding, grants, etc.).  Think about it.  In a matter of weeks, our Nation had worked together, with the help of our banking industry, SBA and other government agencies – and was able to pull off this massive funding our national and local economies.  Was it perfect?  NOT by any stretch of the imagination.  But considering the task at hand, getting funding to as many businesses and their employees who’ve been either shut down or drastically impacted from the limited employment availability – it was quit an impressive accomplishment because of a complete team effort.  Again, this is one person’s point of view as we were dealing with this during our busiest time of year, March & April. Please note the above information does not reflect or portray in any way the opinions and beliefs or position of Coladonato, CPA …. LOL!

As always, when working with our clients, our goal is always the same:  To help you maximize your income, legally minimize your tax and help you (our client) bring home more money. 


Here's some general in fo for working with Coladonato CPA during tax season:

Doing this will help minimize the flood of emails coming through our regular email accounts during our busiest time of year, and your information will be routed to where it needs to go.

  1. If you are emailing tax documents to our office, please send your email to:
  2. Tuesday April 13th will be TAX DAY for Coladonato CPA The official filing deadline is Thursday April 15th ,  but we are calling Tuesday  April 13th the deadline day in our office. April 15th will be used for filing our client extensions.
  3. For our valued "Monthly Business Clients" - As you know, we work hard all year to keep your financial info updated.  If we don't have all of your accounting data for the year by January 31st, we may not be able to complete your tax returns by their due dates, and may need to file extensions.
  4. For our "Annual Tax Clients" - We put forth our best efforts for ALL of our clients and we take pride in our work.   During tax season, we focus on efficiency to meet the needs of all our clients in a personal and professional manner.   The timing of completing your tax return relies greatly on whether your information is complete, when it's received, as well as the complexity of your work.
  5. Guaranteed completion date? We can only "guarantee" completing your tax returns by April 15th if ALL of your information is in our office before March 15th. Experience has shown that by April 7th the extreme backlog of tax returns that are waiting for review and completion are those which have been received March 14th and later. So, once March 13th rolls around, if we do not have your complete information, chances are . . . .. you're going on extension. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
  6. Keep in mind - if you send your information to us on various times as you receive it, then email more stuff a week later, then follow up with a fax with more, then later request that we give you a list of information we still need --- the time to prepare your tax return increases, which also increases the fees to prepare your tax returns.


Coladonato CPA 2020 AND Twenny Twenny Won News...

  • Like most people last year, we’ve been forced to spend a lot more time than usual together as a tight family, and a lot less time socializing with non-family members!  While colleges & high schools for our kids have been hampered with strict regulations, Pam, Tony & kids were blessed again to get away for our family vacation to our favorite, Bald Head Island, NC again!!  Our oldest son Mike is engaged & moving right along.  The rest of the gang is moving along as well with our daughter (unit #2) Caroline entering the work force, our unit #3 daughter Kathleen entered her Junior year in college this past fall & our youngest son Matt is finishing his senior year of high school.  He’s in the midst of the stressful but exciting college search and is looking to extend his football career at the next level. We are thankful to have made it through 2020 without any serious issues and are looking forward to 2021!!


  • Kayla, who in June 2021 will hit her 3-year mark with Coladonato CPA, managed to expand her family with the birth of her 3rd child. Baby Emilie, born in May blessed the Garreaud family and has brought a lot of joy during such a tough year. Since last year, Kayla graduated from Albright College with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She also received her Fundamental Payroll Professional Certification from the American Payroll Association shortly after graduation. Kayla’s goals as she grows with our firm are to work on obtaining her CPA license and familiarize herself more in the world of tax.


  • And we welcome a new face at Coladonato CPA…..  John Coladonato.  Yes, you read that correctly.  John is our new accounting manager and is nephew to Tony & Pam.  John comes to us with over 8 years of Big Four CPA firm experience with Deloitte as an Accounting Manager, and some consulting firm experience for another year.  During 2020, he was available to explore other opportunities, which included other large regional CPA firms, but he decided to move in the direction of working with local business owners accounting & planning, as well as individual tax work.  John is looking forward to meeting and working with all our clients in his new role with Coladonato CPA.  So, feel free to reach out to him and introduce yourself!


As always we THANK YOU again for your continued confidence that you place in our firm and we look forward  to working with you again this year and into the future!!

Bring this packet and all supporting documents, including W-2 and 1099 statements, to your tax-preparation appointment. We appreciate your trust in our business. Contact our office at (610)407-4571 if you have any questions or need additional information.



Anthony Coladonato

Coladonato CPA