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January 15, 2019

Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019!  We THANK ALL OF YOU for a wonderful 2018 and we wish you great health, happiness and success this year!  Again, another year just "shwoosh" flew on by.   If you are like me, congratulations; because I get younger and gain more energy with every passing year.  Yup. . . .

With 2019 Tax Season ahead of us, below is our annual tax letter to help you pull your 2018 tax information together.

Enclosed  are the following items:

  1. Tax Engagement Letter which needs to be signed on page 2, with your reply to the Foreign Bank Account and PA Use Tax questions checked off as well. Kindly return it to us with your tax documents.
  2. "Quick Tax Checklist" which is a shortened tax organizer to help you gather your info. If you prefer using a full detailed tax organizer, simply call us at (610) 407-4571 and we'll send one to you.


Tax Law Changes: If you recall, this time last year everyone was scrambling and wondering ''What's gonna happen with taxes now??  How's this stuff gonna impact ME?  OMG. . . what now????  Ohhhh nooooo . . . .." Well, I have learned something in the last 10 years.  It seems that whatever our leaders' agendas are (ideas of sparking the economy, getting rid of poverty, creating jobs, helping people save for retirement, save the world from smog or tornadoes, or whatever. . . .) the idea that things can get fixed by way of tax law changes is a myth. That's just my opinion.

In any event, during this past summer and fall, we've worked closely with clients in helping them build their businesses, improve cash flows and run their businesses more effectively.  In our dealings with clients, we have seen that the majority of the impact of the tax law change was generally minimal.  Some clients have seen larger tax savings and some have seen a modest increase in taxes depending on various circumstances.  Either way, we’ll find out the true impact during the next few months as we head onto 2019 tax season!!  As always, Coladonato CPA will work diligently with you to complete your tax returns and will handle issues as they come to our attention.

And if after this tax season, you wish to have a "2019 Tax Projection and Planning Session", please let us know, and we'll arrange a time to work with you on this once.  But first, we must get through April 15th.

Here's some general in fo for working with Coladonato CPA during tax season:

Doing this will help minimize the flood of emails coming through our regular email accounts during our busiest time of year, and your information will be routed to where it needs to go.

  1. If you are emailing tax documents to our office, please send your email to:
  2. Saturday, April 12th will be TAX DAY for Coladonato CPA - The official filing deadline is Monday April 15th this year, we are calling FRIDAY April 12th the deadline day in our office. April 15th will be used for filing our client extensions.
  3. For our valued "Monthly Business Clients" - As you know, we work hard all year to keep your financial info updated.  If we don't have all of your accounting data for the year by January 31st, we may not be able to complete your tax returns by their due dates, and may need to file extensions.
  4. For our "Annual Tax Clients" - We put forth our best efforts for ALL of our clients and we take pride in our work.   During tax season, we focus on efficiency to meet the needs of all our clients in a personal and professional manner.   The timing of completing your tax return relies greatly on whether your information is complete, when it's received, as well as the complexity of your work.
  5. Guaranteed completion date? We can only "guarantee" completing your tax returns by April 15th if ALL of your information is in our office before March 15th. Experience has shown that by April 7th the extreme backlog of tax returns that are waiting for review and completion are those which have been received March 14th and later. So, once March 13th rolls around, if we do not have your complete information, chances are . . . .. you're going on extension. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
  6. Keep in mind - if you send your information to us on various times as you receive it, then email more stuff a week later, then follow up with a fax with more, then later request that we give you a list of information we still need --- the time to prepare your tax return increases, which also increases the fees to prepare your tax returns.


Coladonato CPA during 2018...   As David Bowie said over and over and over again.  "Cha-cha-cha-cha---nges...

  • Pam, Tony and kids resorted back to our normal vacations, and spent a week in Bald Head Island, NC (a family favorite). Although for the first time in 23 years, we missed having our oldest son join us for "the family vacation" as he graduated college and went off to forge a path of his own. Hopefully, he'll join us again in the summer of 2019! Time moves on, kids grow up and our Unit #3 (Daughter) graduated high school to join the ranks of "College Student" as well, which splains why I'm usually holding loose change rather than big dollar bills in my hand. Yikes . . . .
  • Oona, (who was growing in her position with us), had relocated with her hubby & son to Virginia in June 2018 due to her husband's job.  Oona and her family have adjusted well and are enjoying life in the "State for Lovers".
  • In late June 2018, Roy took his pencil, adding machine and his accountant's visor and ran off into the Accounting & Tax Sunset.  I spoke with Roy during the late fall and he's adjusted well to his more relaxed retired life . . . ..


Moving right along ..... WELCOME Kayla and Chris!

  • Kayla, our Client Bookkeeper started her career with Coladonato CPA on June 6th and immediately made her presence felt with her hard work, willingness to learn our systems and procedures, and her ability to help our clients. If you haven't spoken to Kayla yet, be sure to stop in to say hello and introduce yourself!!
  • Chris Furman, our newly hired Accounting Manager began with us in late November. Not only does Chris have a solid background in tax preparation and handling tax issues, he also comes to us as a licensed attorney, which comes in handy when dealing with those pesky $@#&! IRS, State & Local tax departments!  As with Kayla, if you haven't met Chris yet, feel free to call or stop in and harass him about the Eagles Super Bowl 52 victory over his hometown Patriots . . . . at least do it now, while we can still call ourselves Champs!


So, as you can see, even in our small office, we've had lots of changes in personnel and Pam & I are very excited to have both Kayla & Chris join our team, as we strive to serve our clients!!

As always we THANK YOU again for your continued confidence that you place in our firm and we look forward  to working with you again this year and into the future!!

Bring this packet and all supporting documents, including W-2 and 1099 statements, to your tax-preparation appointment. We appreciate your trust in our business. Contact our office at (610)407-4571 if you have any questions or need additional information.



Anthony Coladonato Coladonato CPA