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Coladonato, CPA provides services that allow individuals and business owners to know that their accounting needs are being handled timely and professionally. Our four specialty services that we offer are monthly business accounting service, tax planning and preparation, strategic planning and consulting and payroll services. No matter which service you choose we guarantee reliable professional service.

Accounting Services include the following:

  • We provide financial statements on a timely basis so you can make intelligent business decisions
  • We will maintain your accounting records by reconciling bank, credit card and loan accounts each month
  • Review your income statement for consistency and reasonableness
  • We prepare your financial statements on an income tax basis in order to properly plan and prepare for income tax completion.


Income Tax Planning and Preparation includes the following:

  • We provide comprehensive tax planning and preparation of all tax returns; Federal, State(s) and Local Income taxes.
  • We prepare the filings necessary to protect your interests, save you time and rid you of your worries.
  • We will prepare your taxes professionally and thoughtfully by reviewing and understanding your tax situation. We are not mass producing and data entering tax information without understanding our clients, their situation and the tax ramifications of business and personal decisions.
  • We will provide guidance to our tax clients throughout the year as needed


Strategic Planning and Consulting

  • Our proactive consulting and planning is the backbone of the other services that we offer and includes meetings to review financial information, business and personal goals, and general business guidance.
  • We are reviewing your financial information on a monthly basis so we can make recommendations regarding growth, hiring, and equipment purchases.
  • We can also provide consultation on business structure, purchases or sales


Payroll Services

  • Let us eliminate the tedious chore of paying your employees. We make it so easy with our personalized payroll service.
  • We provide full service payroll that includes all payroll tax filings and payments, employee direct deposit, and secure portals so your employees can have their pay stubs and W-2’s when needed.
  • No more constant deductions from your bank account for “payroll, taxes and fees”, we do not escrow your payroll taxes so you know by looking at your bank statement what was paid to the various taxing agencies individually and the money is not deducted from your account until the tax is due.
  • We are readily available to answer any questions or problems you may have regarding your employees and their pay.
  • Our Payroll Services are a great complement to our Monthly Business Accounting Services.  When you have us preparing your payroll and maintaining your accounting records all of your information is in one place and very easy to manage.